Ijeamaka Anyene



Who are you, and what do you do?

Hey! I’m Ijeamaka Anyene (also go by Ije). I’m currently a Consulting Data Analyst at Kaiser NorCal Division of Research where I work on research broadly in the field of breast cancer outcomes and survival and hospital surgical outcomes.

You can also catch me on twitter at @ijeamaka_a learning out loud, posting maybe one too many memes, and enjoying art in various forms. I try to make most of my code for public projects accessible (except for my attempts at generative art. I’m sorry it is because that code is incredibly chaotic) so you can also find me at Github.

How do you use R? What are your favorite packages?

At work I primarily use R for data cleaning and management, statistical analysis, and data visualizations. I’ve also started building internal shiny apps and shiny dashboards, and that has been a ton of fun. For fun, I use R for data visualizations and computational art. I often participate in the weekly #TidyTuesday challenges, or I just create things as I am inspired.

Which leads to my favorite packages, it is hard to choose one. If you do a lot of data cleaning, I think stringr and janitor need to be in your back pocket. If you are in academic research and need to produce table ones or regression result tables, gtsummary is so clutch. It is weird to think of my life before gtsummary.

Unsurprisingly, ggplot2 is another favorite of mine. I’m kind of old school, I don’t often use extension packages. But because I’m really into using geometric elements in my work - I often lean on ggforce.

What hardware do you run R on? Do you use any other software tools?

I know so very little about hardware. My partner picked out my 13-inch MacBrook Pro for me, and when it poops out he will pick out my next laptop.

I use RStudio for R, Sublime Text as my main IDE for any other language I am dabbling in, and I also use SAS. It is hard to work in healthcare research, tied to a healthcare institution and not use SAS.

Do you have any projects that you’re working on right now?

My one true talent is picking up way too many projects. I recently finished a #rstats zine called Radial Patterns in ggplot2. This led to a collaboration with @Mayacelium where she is translating a few of the visualizations into D3.js. Check out her twitter for whats been created so far! I’m also part of a new project called Data Science by Design that is exploring how to embed creativity into data narratives.

Every other project is kind of nebulous right now and thus hard to chat about, but I always tweet out what I’m working on eventually. So you can check out my projects on my twitter account!